About me

Born in the hectic Parisian beauty, I discover my pencil at a young age, during a cold January.
From Paris to Brussels I arrived in Italy, in the area of ​​Monte Argentario, where for a period of time I feel the earth under my feet, Porto Santo Stefano, which would become my home for over twenty years.

As a child I could breathe an international air and live unique experiences that I reported in the following years in my stories.

Travelling the world, crossing oceans, has always been a great passion of mine, which later transformed into a job.

About ten years ago, driven by the following – “There is no place in the world that can not be reached” – I decided to move to the United States, in Miami, where the colors and, of course, the tropical climate, make the writing take life permanently.

Writing becomes an incomprehensible, meditative must that fills my mornings with a unique energy.
Even today I am amazed when I understand how wonderful it is not to investigate about where thoughts come from!